Pastor's Update

  Pastor's Update   

Dear Friend,

I would like to welcome you as you visit the web-site of Covenant Baptist Church of Monroe, NC.  I would love to start by saying thank you for taking time to visit us on-line and learn just a little bit about us.  As we look around this world today everything has become so complex.  Our goal here at Covenant is to make it simple and Our motto that we stick by is to be a "Place that Cares".

As a young man searching in my teenage years and then to young adult life I found myself searching in the wrong places for the void that was missing in my life.  Many things in my life were very basic, including my education.  For me, I had to have something basic and simple which I believe the word of God teaches us that where Paul tells us it was not the enticing words.  Long story short there were 2 things that was the key elements to me receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  First is showing people that they care about me and second was that the Gospel be simple when taught.  These are 2 things that you will experience with a visit to Covenant Baptist Church.

If you have found yourself on the road of life feeling empty, or maybe you are in a broken place of life then I want you to know that there is someone that cares.  We welcome you with open arms and invite you to stop by and take the next step with us at Covenant Baptist. :)

In Christ,
Pastor Rile Baucom, Jennifer & family