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2706 Secrest Shortcut Rd.
Monroe, NC  28110
Message from Pastor Rile
As we start the new year, many things are running through our minds.  First is how tough and different 2020 was.  It seems like as we walked into last year, we had a good vision or a good goal of what we wanted to do or what we wanted to accomplish.  Our plans soon got changed.  No one saw what was coming.  How could a virus turn the world upside down?  How could in just months, weeks or even days we lose so many? 
So often we get distracted and don’t grab hold of what God is trying to show us. Maybe God did give us good vision in 2020.  Maybe He wanted us to realize that we are not promised tomorrow; that we should not take every day for granted; that we should love today and not wait until tomorrow and that He will take care of us.  But most of all how we as a church need to get outside our walls and share the Gospel news.  2021 vision is very clear.  Let’s reach as many people as we can while we still have time.  Tomorrow is not promised.